Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Real Talk

So I need to come clean. I suck! My weight loss is like down the crapper. And I'm like whatever. That was my attitude during the weekend. Here is the break down of last week.

I deleted my old Weight Watcher online account, because I'm anal and I'm married and I wanted my new last name all up in my new Weight Watcher future. So I was all pumped and excited for that change. Because I was like this is a fresh start. New beginning. I don't feel as if I had the old weight loss/program hanging over my head. It was honestly I felt as some mental block. I kept hitting that wall. But I fixed that...I was like a new start with Weight Watcher as Lydia Johnston. AWESOME...Rock on!

Also I don't know if y'all remember talking about taking Healthy Trim, but I've decided not to take that anymore. It just wasn't the avenue I wanted to take and I got straight of sick feeling when I was taking it. So its just me and my healthy food...and the support of all of y'all. No pills, no surgery, just me. And I'm very happy with that decision.

Then will the old habits started to creep in. Well hubby has been training and working some crazy insane hours and now we eat uber early. Like 4:30 eating earlier because he goes to bed at like 6:30ish. Then I didn't get off until 4:00 or 4:30. No time to cook. So we ate out everyday...let my emphasis that...E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y. Then I forgot my lunch...dumbass. So I was forced to eat out. I was held a gunpoint and made to eat Wendy's, Moe's, or whatever fattening food I could find in the deli. Really Lydia? On top of that PMSing. So my gain was a combo of UBER poor food choices and PMS. BUT that is just excuses. What I hear is excuse, excuse, excuse. Well NO MORE! Because I had a BRILLIANT epiphany on Sunday/Monday.

I realized that i need to pack my lunch! HAHAHA! And I need to start drinking water. My soda intake has picked up like WHOA! So I've been doing this challenge on Twitter called the #100ozchallenge. You just "log" your water intake. Super easy! DUH! And then I see all my twitter friends being successful, whether is a NSV or SV, and I'm like super proud and secretly jealous because I want that! So hello my epiphany said, go get it! Then on top of it...I signed up for my first 10k walk/run for the year. I need to start working toward that goal. And than my last super personal goal is to have my wedding ring set fit...again. i think that would be alot to me and Brent. :) Yay me!

So its Wednesday and I've had 2 days of successful water intake, paying meticulous attention to labels again, super health snacks and lunches for the week and dinners. On top of it all Hubby is getting a new route and doesn't have to go in at the ass crack up dawn, and work a bajillion hours. So I can actually cook! SWEET! And I think I top of all that the possibility of being a real life blogger for has me super stoked. To understand read "Knock Knock"!

I feel as if everything is lining back up and getting back into a routine. Because I tell I love a routine! lol :)

Until next blog! :)

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  1. I'm glad you're back on track. You had a really busy month and sometimes setbacks happen. We learn and move on, right?! I love getting inspiration and encouragement from twitter too. You guys keep me going. <3