Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Knock, Knock!

Who's there?

OMG! I have got some news for y'all! HEY NOW!!! I just self notimated myself to be a blogger on a REAL website!! YAY!!! OMG!!!!!
Here are the details:
It's for a spot on and they want to expand their family to have someone who is starting on their jounrey or close to it. UMMMM HELLO! Who is a better choice none other than...ME!! :) So if/when I get make it to the second round...there will be a voted of priorfatgirl readers. And of course I have y'alls, my faithfully readers, votes...right?!? :) And if I don't...I'll make you! :) J/K...sort of! ;)

I'm sooooo excited...I'm busting from the seams with excitement!! This could be the A.) Kick in the ass I need, B.) A good thing for my blogging/book career, and C.) It'll be an all around awesome experience!!! Yay for being AWESOME!!!! :)

Here is my email entry:

"Hey Jen,
I just want to self nominate myself. Here alittle bit about my story.
My name is Lydia Johnston, and well I'm a fat girl. I've always been a fat girl. I never thought of myself as anything more than the funny fat girl. I use my fat a shield to protect myself from mean people...but in the process slowly killing myself. Not the best idea in the grand scheme of things!
Like most people my journey has been a yo-yo. Lose some, gain some more, lose some more, and gain a whole lot more. And its the vicious cycle we all go through; however my journey changed about 5 years ago when I joined Weight Watchers with my mom. We joined because she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and thought to myself, I'll be damned if I'm getting diabetes my ass is doing something about this right now. And we did. I lost 103 pounds over the course of a year and half. My mom lost 50 pounds. Super proud of her...yay mom! Around the 85 pounds mark, the boys started to notice my weight loss and I was uber confident...still am...but back then I thought I was one bad ass mofo. So I begin dating this guy, who I thought was going to marry and was so madly in love with. *rolls eyes* That was suppose to be sarcastic but I know when typing it doesn't come across. :) So long story short my "prince" turned into a totally douchebag, He actually shook me to my core with his mental and emotional abuse. Which then began my decent into the depression tornado.
After I picked up myself and dusted off my ego, I ended up moving out on my a new myself...first time EVER in my 24 years of life. The first time where I actually had bills in my name, actually had roommates, and actually started to experience REAL growing pains. At that point in my journey I was still down 85-95 pounds, but October 2008 I reached one of my personal goal during my journey by losing 100 pounds. I was on cloud nine, I actually did it. ME all by myself, no one else but me!
Then shit started to hit the fan in my life. I had crappy roommates times 2, my job was crappy. I started to sink further into my depression. I actually thought about killing got that bad for me. It was one bad thing on top of another on top of another...etc. And I couldn't handle after about a year and half. Finally my BFF and then BF (now husband) got me the help I needed. I found out I had a case of situation depression. I took the necessary help and I bounced back from it to start kicking ass again.
Needless to say during that time my weight crept back on. But I was okay with it in the beginning because I needed to fix my mental state first. But 2 years later I'm back at my highest ever.
But I will say during that time, I got married (June, 11, 2011). So the stress of planning a wedding on top of coming out my depression; my weight has decided to come back and stay awhile.
So that's my story.
Where I'm at now. I'm a wife. I have a wonderful and loving husband. We went to start a family but my weight has got to go first. My goal is 218 pounds. We already have 2 wonderful furbabies. Actually when I reach goal I want to work for a gym and/or Weight Watchers. I am doing Weight Watchers. I know the program works I've had major success on it before. I have full time job. I have 218 pounds I want to lose for my health. I'm 28.
I think I can relate to most woman, I'm brutally honest with much sometimes. And I know you'll probably get a lot of responses but whether or not I get picked I'm still going to be losing weight and blogging because its what I love to do and its what I'm meant to do with my life.
I've attached my picture...if you need me to I'll crop out my handsome hubby! :)

Thanks for reading.
Lydia Johnston
Soon to be Part of the PriorFatGirl Family! ;) (No pressure)"

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