Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Can See My Future

And my name is in lights!

I'm getting a taste of what my life is shaping up to be. I'm off today and I'm actually blogging and getting motivated to carry out the rest of the week! I could get use to this life.:)
Boy do I have ALOT to spill about.

The reason I mention blogging and being home, is because I have a dream/desire to be a writer. I'll have a book on the New York Times, I'll travel the country and sign books and be inspiring. :) I bet you are wondering what I shall write about...
My weight loss journey.
Its been and will continue to be an experience. I've lost 103 pounds with Weight Watchers back in 2007, before life decided to get alittle ape shit ca-razy!! But things have soooo settled and have passed. Now I'm just working and battling the bulge. So I can really focus on my craft, my dream, my purpose in life.

Hence the title of my blog and twitter, "The 218 lb Elephant". I've always felt that I've been "A pretty fat". Oh you know when people say "You have such a pretty face...if you just loss some weight", really? So I've always known I've been fat but it was, "like the elephant in the room", it wasn't talked about. And 218 pounds is the weight I have/want to lose to be considered at goal weight.

So there is description of my name if any of y'all were wondering.
Again I'm getting off course...the joys of an ADD writer! :oP

As I mentioned before my dream is actually coming true soon. Because my loving and wonderful dear Husband got a new job, making more money, less stress, and all around a better well being for him! YAY!!! Hubster I love you muches and so proud of you!
He mentioned because he knows this is a huge dream of mine, that at one point once things are paid off and we have money in savings. He suggested I just take time off to focus on losing weight and writing and he'll take care of the rest. Now ladies, ain't that a keeper!? :)

So that means gym time, more cooking time, more time to kick ass!!! I'm so excited. Then I'll be less stressed because we won't be depending on my money, we can just save it!
That is a current plan but of course things can change.

I'm moving to another blog to discuss my weight loss! :)


  1. Fun! Congrats on the weight loss so far! I think it's great that you're putting yourself out there and following your dream! Good luck!

  2. thanks! stephanie! your blog inspires me also! i love reading what and about how other people are doing or helping out! so thanks to you!

  3. So happy to hear all this, Lydia! Keep on keepin' on. You rock, girl!