Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weigh In for 12/9/11

Well another as passes and I am late posted my numbers, but better late than never...right? :) Well I stepped on the scale with the hopes of a lose and well the scale delivered a 4.7 loss!! Making my total loss 11 pounds!!! Booooyaaah! It's going the right way and now that I have an app on my phone hooked up to my blog I can share my awesomeness quicker!!!! :$

But I realized this past week that all the fast food and crap was gross! I forgot how much I like to cook and eat some home cooked food! So I feel my body cleansing itself of the grease and fat ad all that grossness! But don't get me wrong I still love a good old fast food outting but not at the expense of my waistline and all the time!

Well that's all for this weigh in, I'll be seeing you on Friday!! :) much love!! LJ

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  1. What is your opinion of juicing? I have juicer that I rarely use, but I love it.
    Also, we should get together post-holidays and cook some healthy meals.
    I would really like to get back to pre-pregnancy health.