Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weigh In 12/27/11

Well I have to be honest, I wan't going to weigh in because I didn't want to see a gain. Because in my mind if I don't see it, it doesn't exists! :) Not my most sound logic but it works at times.
Anyways my willpower and curiosity got the best of me and I weighed in! To my surprise it wasn't as horrible as I had played it to be in my head. I gained .7 lbs. Not even a whole pound considering the week was Christmas and all the madness that ensues! So I will gladly take that with my head high.
I think that in itself is a victory!
So I'm once again excited for this week to get over with! I've put when I'm my fancy iPhone my days to go to the gym. I have a fancy notebook to plan our meals out for the week along with a shopping list to maximize weight loss!

I'm pretty stoked. I'm happy that I'm taking 2012 by force and pwning the year before it even begins. I will that it will be an awesome year! There is alot that'll be happening! But mainly it's the changes that to myself for the better, that I'm most excited for. So off the begin another day! Happy counting! Much love LJ

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