Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weigh In 12/20/11

As y'all know I moved my weigh in day to Tuesday. I had mucho success with Tuesday before so I figured let's give it another round. :)
And many of y'all know I work retail in the grocery world so y'all can imagine its alittle busy and then my mom/family was in town this past weekend and I tracked but not as meticulous as I normally do or have done. Then we had a Christmas party and I did really well, thankfully there was a good mix of fairly health foods!! Yay so thanks y'all for that! :)
But amongst the insanity drive thru became the option for several days but I still managed to do okay. But just doing okay got me a gain!!! Boooo hissssss! And I'm actually okay with it, considering everything that went on I didn't gain everything back I gained 3.9 pounds but my over all totally is still losing so I'll take that anyday!

And while my my mom was in town she talked more about her diabetes issue that spawned over the summer but is under control and that has mucho motivated me to get my health back in check!
Also I'm friends with this woman, who found me through the weight watchers Facebook. And her weigh in days are also she posted her numbers she lost 6.8 pounds for a total of 90.8 pounds! I was super stoked and motivated and encouraged by that. I'm like let's get this week going! I'm tracking and not only that I'm going to be honest with myself about my tracking! Also I know it's Christmas but I've got to get back to exercising. With that being said i'm taking a break from my extra activities. So I'm pretty much just working and losing weight. I've decided to make 2012 my year to get healthy again and take care of myself. But that is another blog all together, that I'll be posting soon.

Recap I had a gain but I realized so much more. It's time to take control of my health once and for all!! Gym nazi and points nazi reporting for duty! Time for balls to the wall style!!

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  1. So what's your total so far? This is great Lydia!! Way less awesome people than you have done it so I have great confidence you will be strong and healthy in 2012!! xox