Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farwell 2011

So here is my annual end of the blog.

My oh my! What a year! Can you all believe that 2011 is gone and over.
What happened this year. I think the huge one is getting married to the love of my life and my best friend. Chime in the gagging noises! lol! :)
But in all seriousness, January - June was all wedding prepping and stressing out! YIKES!!! I'm not doing that again but I totally would do it all over again. It was the most awesome wedding EVA! It was simple laid us. I looked AMAZING, and well he simply looking handsome! I honestly couldn't have asked for a better man to send the rest of me life with.
So now the its June, we got married on the 11th. We went to DISNEYWORLD for the honeymoon on June 20th came back 27th. We've decided that is kind of our thing. So I think each year we're planning a trip hit Disney sometime.
Also before the wedding, to add to the stress of it all we decided to move into his grandmother's house. Unfortunately we're still staring at boxes! lol So that is one thing I wouldn't recommend...moving before a wedding! hahaha! :)
End of July, brought my cousin Aaron and Joselin's wedding. And would a beautifully quirky wedding it was! I love those two! They are the GREATEST! Then after Joselin and I chatted for a minute during the weddingness. She help me rediscover my love for grammatical errors and all! :) When I begin to publish it, I'll have it edited! lmao!
Then just usual work from September - December.
The greatest nephew turned 1 in October, LOVE YOU ALEX!!
I had several epiphanies pertaining to my weight loss. I realized that my health isn't worth some of the excess stress I have/had in my life. And I'm still trying to weed out what I don't need and I'm getting back to my basics. Work, gym, losing weight. And Brent and I are both going to be working at getting healthy and losing weight. So some of our bonding time will be pushing each other at the gym!
And thanks to my wonderful and dear friend, Elizabeth, her Christmas present will help us towards that goal. She gave us a journal to write down our dinners on one page and the grocery list on the previous page, A GREAT idea. Along with that she gave us a cookbook with some of her recipes that we like, and our adding family recipes to it! So it's expanding as we speak!
So to kick off 2012 Brent and I have decided to go to the gym tomorrow morning. YAY for a healthy life style!
Also something we are looking forward to in 2012 besides my awesome weight loss, is a new niece or nephew!!! YAY!!!!!!!! We are going to be an aunt and uncle again. And to top it off its going to be an August baby, because we all know those are the best babies! :)
Well this brings my end of the year end! I'll be seeing y'all in 2012! Night you crazy kids! Much love!


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