Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reinspired - 1 Excuses - 0

I know I've been way lame at keeping this blog updated but its honestly because I'm embarassed to say I gained about 8 pounds in the past 2 weeks. And here I am all kick ass and stuff but I didn't have follow through. But something sparked in my noggin, I began to think about why I'm having a hell of a time losing weight this go around, why I can't seem to get it under control, why I'm not even trying. Well a few reasons, but the main ones are I was lying to myself and making up excuses. My portion sizes have gotten out of control. I don't measure a damn thing and look what my prize is an 8 pound gain! YAY....not! :o|

Then time seems to be a factor...I feel like I don't have time. I then started to think why don't feel like I have time...I lost 100 pounds before working and having a full time job.  Then it dawned on me...thats all I did was work and lose weight. So I'm going back to that point for a short time. I'll call it going underground and going hardcore...bitches. yeah thats right don't mess with me!

Also the reason I'm reinspired is because of my previous blogs from the beginning. I was reading them and I'm thinking to myself; I'm so cool, I remember feeling like that and I want that feeling again, I want to be proud of myself again, and I most of all want more of that oozing self confidence...as if this world can stand for my ego to get ANY bigger! ;) So I was like that's awesome I can do this again and I'm the right track...baby I was one this way. Okay lame Gaga reference...i know so sue me! :)

When 2012 kicks off all I'll be doing is working and weight loss. I'm still going to weight loss until then and be hardcore but once 2012 its on like donkey kong. I will be point/gym nazi. I mini Jillian, from Biggest loser fame. NO MORE EXCUSES. A wise man, who I once worked with, told me that. So that is my motto. Excuses are done.

Also I wrote and told the world my goals.
My goal for the end of the year - 42 pounds.
My goal for our 1st year anniversary - 100 pounds total gone

So yeah boy! I have made lunch and dinner for tomorrow, ready restart the mojo! HAHAHA! Dork! I have my Wii out...finally...and ready to Just Dance, walk or some form of exercise! Anyways I will post next wednesday what I lost. Because I WILL have a loss! <3 LJ

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  1. You can do it....we're all here to help and support ya. Love ya to the Best Daughter-in-Law in the World.
    Love ya!