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Back to Black Beginning Part 3

Okay so the titles are getting alittle OOC...out of control but y'all love me!

January 2008 - May 2008

January 8, 2008
All I have to say is THANK GOD weigh ins are back on!!! I missed my WW ladies!!! :o) I knew I was going to gain but dang!! LOL! I gained 6.4 pounds! So I'm back in the 60 pounds!! I'm starting to hate the 60s. LOL! But its all good! Plus I've still lost 68.6 pounds!!! Bonus...this weight is soooooooo going to come off next week anyways! I am going to work my BUTT off!!! I'm kicking it into high gear mode! Its a new year. A newer me!!! This year is MINE!!! Watch out world!!! :o)
Anyways I figure I should tell y'all how much I'm going to loss. I think some of y'all know its time to tell the rest. I, Lydia, plan on losing 200 pounds. Yup. I want to get to the weight of 142 or there abouts. Chill. Its all good. A healthy weight for my height (5'4) is 117 to 146. And I don't even want to see 117. I love my curves just not my fat. And I'm doing this a healthy way for me. No pills, no surgery, nothing. Just Me! And I like it like that. :o) With that being said I got the new people magazine...the one about people losing half there weight. There is this one lady that is my height (5'4) and she is 145...which is where I'm going to end up...and get this. Y'all ready?! She is a size 4!!!!!!!!!! I might be a size 4!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! That just blows my mind! Heck yeah! And add my butt, boobies, and my personality...I'm going to have to beat the boys off with a stick...more than I do already! ;o) LMAO!!!!!!! Heck I'll be happy size 8/10!! So yeah...I'm back. For real! Ready to go and KICK BUTT!!!!!!!
January 15, 2008
Okay who rocks! Ummm ME!! LOL! I lost 5 pounds! For a total of 73.6!!!!!!! Heck yeah!!!! *FLEXES* I need to lose 1.4 more pounds to get my 75 back!! But its sooooooooo in the bag next Tuesday! Now on Tuesday instead of going out and eating my mom and I come home and watch The Biggest Loser!!! I love that show!! It seriously keeps me motived!!!! I love those big numbers! It makes me want to work harder and push myself harder to have those big numbers! Now I know its a show but come on!!!!!!!! That is freakin awesome!!!!!!!! So I plan for next week! CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO!!!!!!!!!! Plus eating right and water!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO! I'm going to be the biggest loser!!! :) See y'all next Tuesday!
January 22, 2008
WHAT?!?! What the heck?!?! I wrote 99.9% everything down. I went over my points but I used my flex points. The only I can think of that happened was I didn't exercise as much. But that shouldn't cause my to gain .6. So I'm at 73 pounds. And I'm really trying not to bitch about but its soooooooooo dang frustrating. Because I was at 75 pounds but I'm now at 73. And yes I've come along way. BUT I still a long ways to go. And don't get me wrong I'm extremely happy with my progress thus far but at some point you just have to say WHAT THE HELL!?!? So pretty much I just have to be mad for a bit and then I'm pretty much over it until next Tuesday when that scale better go down or I'm going to throw it out the window!
Dear Body,
We have been at this weight loss thing for 9 monthes. You should now whats going on by now. If you don't...then get the memo. Because I'm not going back to where we were before. We've come to far. And I'm be DAMNED if you start this crap now!!!
Love, Lydia and the Brain
Wow...I told you I should be in a looney bin! LOL! Anyways I feel better now. I guess I just needed to get it off my chest. By no means am I quiting or going to sabotage myself. Bull shit!!! I've come to far. So game plan for this week Cardio CARDIO CARDIO...did I mention CARDIO!? I'm super pumped though! I just watched the Biggest Loser! That's what my mom and I do after weigh in now we watch Biggest Loser. I'm way beyond motivated. I'm ready to kick ass and take initials...because I don't have TIME to take names! Peace!
January 29, 2007
WHAT THE HELL!!!!!! Apparently my body wants to hit every number in the 70s. Okay...why?!?! I'm kind of tired of hang out in the 70 pounds gone. Lets move up to the 80s. Okay?! Awesome. Okay yeah I gained 1.2 but over all I've still lost 71.8. Which is GREAT! I couldn't be happier but come on!! Throw me a freakin bone!!!
Time to get real with myself. Yeah I wasn't perfect and I probably deserved it. I went to a friends' house and drank ALOT Friday and Saturday went back over and drank alittleLOL!
So I just got done watching Biggest Loser. Oh my gosh! I wish I could hire Jillian and date Bob!!! LOL! There is just something about that show is just so great. Its not like your typically cheesy reality show. This one has heart to it and I guess that is why I like it. But I am so ready for this week and ready to kick some SERIOUS arse!!!! I'm waking up and I'm going to go RUNNING!!! I don't know for how long and I don't care...I just want to run. I want to feel healthier! I want to be the hot woman, that I see in myself. I want to be free of this fat. I want to be the athlete I know I am and can be. I want to lose 100 pounds by April 17th...which is my 1st year with Weight Watchers. I want this so bad I can taste it. So yeah its on like Donkey Kong...right Katie!!!!!!! Oh yeah!! HEHEHE! Hopefully I'll post a loss next week and if not I'll just be happy that I stayed on point and exercised. Later days!
February 5, 2008
Can someone tell me what happened to January?! Oh my gosh! Can we say peace out January!! LOL! Dang. Anyways just reporting my LOSS!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!! LOL!!! I lost 3.8!!!! Thank GOD!!!!!!!! I was getting PISSED!! LOL! But that brings my total to 75.6!!!! I weigh less than I did when I lost this 75 pounds in December! LOL OOOOOOOOH YEAH!!!!!! Bow at my awesomeness!! Okay thats enough getting cocky. Oh my gosh! HEHEHE! I did it! I did it!! I did it!!!! And I didn't give up! I pulled through and I didn't give up! Thats a HUGE feat by itself!!!! Oh my gosh!! WOW!
So I got to thinking about when I did atkins 5 years ago! Wow...I was this same weight 267.2 when I quit atkins. Wow. And I gave up, plus I got bored eating the same crap. I was over that. But to be at the weight now and NOT giving up. WOW! Cause I'll be DAMNED if I'm quiting now. This is where I'm suppose to be. I'm met to be a Weight Watcher leader. I get sooooooooo excited when one of the ladies in themeeting loses weight. HELL! I get ecstatic when my friends lose weight.
I know I'm on the right path. And when you know that...nothing else matter...the drama, the pettyness,and the people that have betrayed you. That doesn't matter to me anymore. Wow. Thats awesome. I feel so much lighter mentally then anything. I know I can do this. This is NOTHING. The sky's the limit to what I can achieve and Lord knows I'm going to achieve all that is mine and then some!! Because the world is mine for the taking. I'm going to be famous. Y'all seriously watch me!! You'll be like OH MY GOD! I know her! And I'll be like yeah!! Hello! Seriously I know I'm destined for something bigger. Ooops didn't mean to get all deep on y'all. Oh well! Enjoy the journey into my mind!! Its scary! LOL! Well have a freakin awesome night! I'm off tomorrow and I'm sleeping to keep rid of this stupid cough!
February 12, 2008
Okay I've already been 73 pounds...can we move on from this number?! Let's hit...I don't know 77 pounds. Maybe even 80 pounds. Yes I had another gain 1.8. And it was because I was sick and I just wanted to eat whatever and I didn't exercise at all. So I mean its all good but 73 again why not 74...I didn't hit that number. Apparently my body likes the 70s...great!!! LOL! But seriously its all good. Its seriously going to be off next week come hell or high water. I'm tired of the low 70s. I'm tired of dicking around. So thats my report for this week. And I have to say for the most part I'm okay. But its just UGH!!! All and all I've still lost 73 pounds so its all gravy!!
There is just somedays I think I have a hold of this food thing and sometimes I have NO freakin control with over it. I just feel like this is going to be a constant struggle for me. I'm tired of battling with myself on what I should eat. UGH! Maybe this is my own way of sabotaging myself. Maybe thats why I stopped with Atkins. NO WAY!!! I'm tired of sabotaging myself...I have to get to the bottom of why I became fat.
I'm super sad Trent in gone from the Biggest Loser. I cried tonight! I really liked Trent!!! :o(

February 19, 2008
LOL! I had to move to a new blog home! Lame myspace!! LOL! I guess I’m writing to much OH WELL!!
WHOA!!!!!!!! This week I lost 3 pounds for a total of 76.8!!!!!!!!! Who is awesome!! ME!! I FINALLY broke that 75 pound mark!!! WOW! I’m udderly surprised! Considering the Friday and Saturday I had!
Cliffnotes version: This dude and I exchanged numbers. And I called him Friday and he didn’t remember me! And if you know me I don’t give my number just to anyone. But it’s totally his loss!! Because I’m a sexy beast. :o)
So I did some emotional eating. But its cool because I knew I was an emotional eater but to see where it came from is something different. Plus I read my new friend, Maryann’s blog. About her having issues with a dude at work...he was being an ass. But she was bummed and wanted to eat (because she is also an emotinal eater) but she didn’t!!! I’m so proud of her and it got me thinking!!! I was excited because I didn’t have to eat. I didn’t have to turn to food. I’m stronger than that!!! So thanks Maryann for helping me see that!!!!! :o)
Then on Saturday there was a party at April and Frank’s for Anna... and I drank WAY to much but it was soooooooooo worth it!! :) But in my defense I did leave some points to get drunk with! ;o) And I also I was VERY VERY good Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. And I did finally exercise. I used my new Biggest Loser dvd. I like the dvds more than the gym. But anyways its an AWESOME dvd and my ass still hurts! Thanks Bob! Speaking of Bob!! I want him. He is sooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!
And my other new friend Jen and I had a mini challenge going between us. I "won" it but we both loss so I think we both won it!! But I just needed someone else to hold my crazy ass accountable. So thanks Jen!!! :o) If you are ever down for another challenge you know where to find me!!! Hell if any of y’all are down for challenge...let me know!! :o)
But I’m sooooooooooooo happy with how far I’ve come!!! I’m just in a great place. I’m comfortable and content with who I am. I am happy. I’m not faking it...like I do sometimes. Yeah you know...fake it ’till you make it. I just freakin happy...probably because I’m doing this for me. And no one can take this from me. NO ONE!!! I’m 266 pounds. I can’t wrap my mind around that. Its going to take some getting use to!! But I don’t mind getting use to that!! :o) Anyways I’m off to bed...so I can get up and exercise...twice!!! I’m going to go run and do the Biggest Loser dvd. BooooooooooYaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Word!! LOL! Night y’all!! *HUGS!!!!!*
February 26, 2008
HAHAHAHA! I maintained!!! I’ve still lost 76.8 pounds and considering the weekend I’m soooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well with that being said! I’ve decided for the remainder of lent to give up alcohol and adding in exercise. These crazy weekends I’m having are starting to effect my weigh ins and I’m not having that. Especially when I want to have 100 pounds gone by April 17, 2008. That will mark my one year anniversary with Weight Watchers. So its on. The only alcohol I’m having is communion wine and its enough to do anything to me. But yeah and I’m aware that St. Patrick’s Day falls in there somewhere but I’m more determined then ever. So ITS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Jen it looks like a draw this week!! Want to give it another go? :o)
OH! And speaking of exercising! I got my Turbo Jam in today so I’m totally going to try that tomorrow!!!!!!!!! And also I signed up for the March of Dimes 5 mile walk here in town! So please donate or just cheer me on or both!! :o) Thanks y’all!! I am truly thankful for all the support from you!!! Well I’m off to bed!!! I’m going to work out like nobodies business!!!!!!!!!!! Word!! Much love!!
March 4, 2008
WOW!!! I lost 2.4 for a total of...get this...79.2. OH MY GOD!! I’ve almost lost 80 pounds! Whoop Whoop! Oh that 80 pounds is SO mine next week!!! I’m in shock. 79.2 pounds...wow. That’s a child...that I’ve lost. Whoa...this is wild. Wow...lol. I’m going to cry this is so awesome. I can see all my hard work pay off. People can see my hard pay off. Its amazing. Wow 79.2 pounds. LOL! I’m going to quiz y’all on how much I’ve lost. I’m just amazed. I’m speechless. Dang!
Well the whole alcohol hiatus didn’t work but I didn’t drink as much as I normally do and I did exercise my ass off!! I have to say I LOVE my Turbo Jam and I don’t care if Bob is gay or not he is a damn good trainer!!!! LOL!! And mighty fine to look at!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!
Well on to the same thing next week just pump up the exercise and stay away from the processed foods. Wow 79.2 pounds... DAMN!!! Who is that chick! Ummmm ME!!!!!!!!! LOL! Wow. I know this blog was all over the place but I don’t care I’ve lost 79.2 pounds. So how many pounds has Lydia lost?? ;o)LMAO!!!!!!!!! I’m going to bed!!! Good night and love y’all! And thank you so much for all the love and support!!! Y’all are seriously making this crazy rollercoaster of a journey so much easier!!!
March 11, 2008
Sorry its taken me so long to update the blog...I was hanging with someone... :o)
WHOOP WHOOP!!!! I lost 3.8 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!! For brace yourself...for a total of 83 pounds!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is awesome!?! ME!!! Dang! I’m STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve lost a freakin kid!!!! What the heck!!!! Wow. I’m so frickin HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 17 more pounds...OH MY FREAKIN GOD!!!!!!!!! *does the happy dance*
I’ve really noticed it doesn’t take alot to fill me up anymore. That my friend is HUGE!!! Like tonight I took someone Hibachi Grill and I only ate 1/2 of the serving...what the hell?!? Thats AWESOME!!! I’m so cool. I’m one bad mama jama. WHAT WHAT!!! I feels really good not to be controled by food anymore. I have been set free!!! Amen! LMAO! Well I’m off to bed!!!!!!! Good night y’all!!
March 18, 2008
So guess who is 85.2 pounds lighter?! Um ME!!!!!!!!!! Yeah buddy!!! I lost 2.2 pounds this week. I was really surprised!!! Considering I ate out all weekend, baking a cheesecake, didn’t get my water in and I didn’t exercise. So yeah I was alittle nervous. But its all good. I’ve must have done something right. I didn’t really write anything down either. Weird. It felt weird not writing my food down. Its so programed into my brain...which is a good thing. So that means I’m 14.8 pounds away from 100 pounds. That just blows my mind. Wow. I can’t wrap my mind around this.
This is all just so exciting. I’m so freakin happy. The happiness I have now is my own doing. As I’ve said before time and time again I’m doing this to get healthy. This is a life style change. I am basically reprograming my eating habits. Somedays are good and some days are bad. But all and all I wouldn’t change a damn thing. Not only have I changed on the outside...I’ve changed on the inside. I am just the best me I can be. And that is the greatest thing EVER!!!
I just keep thinking back to just a year ago and yeah I was happy but I wasn’t HAPPY! I think I was just kind of coasting through life...waiting for something else. And I got tired of coasting and living my life through other people and for other people. This is Lydia’s life...not Mom and Dad’s life, not my friend’s life. Its MY life. Don’t get me wrong I love my mom and dad and all my friends but I don’t want to live for them anymore I want to live for myself. I’m just blown away on how much I’ve changed. So yeah...I’m 85.2 pounds lighter and I’m hotter than ever and I’m only going to get hotter and healthier. So yeah life is good. :o) Much love. Signing out!
March 25, 2008
Y’all know the drill...I’m keeping this one short! I’m tired...Tuesdays kill me! LOL! I lost 1 pound! For a total of 86.2 pounds gone forever!! I was scared! Cause since I’ve been dating this guy and hanging with the boys they eat...ALOT. And happens to be fast food a good bit of the time...and we all know fast food is one of my HUGE trigger foods. But I’m working on it. And my guy can cook, and he cooks healthy things. And of course he is was supportive of the Weight Watcher thing. So its good. But I have to find some kind of balance between hanging with the guys and exercising. And we all know I have to have some sort of balance in my life!!! LOL! But all and all pretty shocked but I’m taking it. And I’m planning on my 90 pounds next week. I know that is 3.8 pounds but I am pumped for this week. BRING IT ON!!! Good night!!
April 1, 2008
Well let me first say that I will no longer be writing these Weight Watcher blog anymore because I'm pregnant! :o)
APRIL FOOL'S!!!!!! Yeah come on! Do you really think I'm going to screw this hot body up after I've worked so hard!?! Come on!!! LOL! So that was an April Fool's joke!!! :o) Love y'all!!!
On to the real reason you are here, this week I lost 1.6 for a total of 87.8!!! YAY!!! That 100 pounds is so close I can taste. I'm so excited!!! I don't think I'm going to get my 100 pounds by my year mark with WW but I will get it shortly afterwards!!! Count on that!!!
I must confess I was alittle nervous about weigh in this week again! I have got to seriously find a balance between Weight Watchers, exercising, the boyfriend, and my other friends. So if any of y'all have any suggestions just let me know! I'm open to anything! Thanks!!!
And bonus!!! I didn't eat yesterday after my bank fiasco!!! Man it feels good not to be so controled by food. Don't get me wrong I love food...but I seem to manage it healthfully now...well for the most part. ;o) So yeah!! AWESOME!!! So round up I lost 1.6 pounds for a total of 87.8. And I'm NOT pregnant!!!
April 8, 2008
Well alas I gained...but I'm okay with it. Its 2 pounds. I guess I got cocky and thought I could eat what the boys eat and what not. But I don't know if thats what really happen. I know I didn't write anything down and I certainly didn't get my water in and I didn't exercise much. I don't know...maybe I just needed a break. I've been going strong for almost year and I didn't even stay for my meeting last week. Maybe I just needed a break. But how much sense does that make? I mean Weight Watchers is changing my life and I want a break from it? I resorted back to some of my old eating habits. And I don't know. I'm not upset about it. I'm just okay...because in the greater scheme of things I'm still lost 85.8 pounds and that is ALOT!! That's Sam...a kid at church. I've lost a kid, in the span of a year. Yeah I'm not going to get my 100 pounds in the time frame I wanted but I'm still getting it. Its weird I'm not upset I'm just okay...bring it on. It'll so be gone next week...for sure. Maybe I have another things on my mind. I don't know. I'm not trying to be vague or anything its just I feel like I don't know. Ever get like that? Maybe I lost sight of my prize for a short minute. I've just felt so stretched from every which way and something had to give and it happened to be Weight Watchers...which SUCKS! I'll be damned if I'm going to let that happen! But at the same time it was nice to just let go alittle. By NO means does that mean I'm quiting or anything. I'm back to basics now...writing EVERY cotton picking thing that goes in my mouth. Drinking my water like a freakin fish. Exercising like maniac. I'm going to try exercising in the morning. See what happens with that. Yeah I don't even know if this entry made any sense! LOL! Its just whats in my head! With that being said this is this weeks blog and I'll see y'all next week! Love ya!
April 15, 2008
Okay apparently I had another week of not caring. I gained 3.4 pounds but I've still lost 82.4. And I'm a heck of alot healthier than I was a year ago. I'm not going to lie I ate whatever I felt like. I did some emotional eating...I just didn't care. Yeah I wrote things down but I went WAY WAY over my points pretty much all week. I did exercise but it really doesn't do anything if you aren't eating right. So yeah I screwed up and I'm paying for it. I've noticed my portions have gotten out of control again. Like last night I pretty much ate two suppers and had some ice cream. Yeah right before weigh in but you know not the best idea but so it life. Its not my first gain and its certainly not going to be my last. Heck I've still lost 82.4 pounds. Yeah it sucks but I don't have anyone to blame but myself. So its all good! Its oh its on like donkey kong now. Bring it!
April 22, 2008
HAHAHA! I made that scale tonight my bitch!!! LMAO!! I lost 3.6 for a total of 86 pounds gone. Yeah buddy!! I owned that scale. And considering I was out of town this weekend! I'm taking it! So yeah I'm back! HAHAHA! I'm so awesome...I can't stand it! LOL! I started writing everything down...even if i did go over my points I still wrote it down. I drank my water like a FISH! I chewed gum like no ones business...I just kicked ass. I kick ass in general! LOL! Yeah I didn't get my 100 pounds with in my first year of WW but I don't care I'm completely comfortable with where I'm at right now and that in its self is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
With that being said I have to say that I've been on Weight Watchers for a year. And wow what a year!! The ups and downs and everything in between!!!! But I wouldn't take this back for the world. This has been the best thing that has happened to me. I'm such a stronger person because of it. I have learned SO much about myself and other people. I learned that I have the sheer determinition of a freakin ox. I've learned that I actually like fat free foods...who knew! If you told me a year ago that I would be like fat free foods, I would have laughed in your face! Bonus I'm just more comfortable with who I am and no one can take that from me. I'm just a healthier, awesomer, and more confident person. I love my life! :) If I've felt this good after 86 pounds imagine what I'm going to feel like when I get to my goal weight! HOLY CRAP!!!
So just I want to give a BIG thank you for all who have kept up with this journey for the first year...wow...what a ride! LOL! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Time to being the next year!! :) Hope y'all continue to say on for the ride!! LOL! I love y'all!! :oP
April 29, 2008
I lost .4 pounds this week bringing my grand total to 86.4. I'm content with it considering I baby sat all weekend. I know I should have made smarter choices but life happens. :) Hey a loss is a loss. So I'm back. I know I've said this before BUT I had someone call me out on my crap. He was like you aren't writing anything down are you? I was like yeah...no not really. Then we had a long talk, which was good. So I want to thank him! Come on...everyone needs a good kick in the ass.
So this week's goals:
1. Writing E-V-E-R-T-H-I-N-G down...the good the bad and the ugly.
2. Try not to use flex points.
3. Look for something new and exciting to eat.
So yeah NEW PLAN!!! Because I have my new goal. I want to get that 100 pounds by end of May. Because I'm going to see GWAR!!! YAY!!!! Plus I'm really tired of hanging out in the 80s I need to move on!! Seriously. I need to see what is beyond the 80s. I want to try the 90s and 100s and beyond!!! :o) Oh and I looked in my weight book and it took me 6 months to loss 20 something pounds. Oh no...we are NOT having that shit anymore. I had alot of gains during that and oh no! I'm tired of that crap!! :o) So I challenge myself and whoever else to stay on point and kick some ASS!!!!! See ya next week!! :o)
May 6, 2008
Holy CRAP! Can't believe its MAY!! Well it is! LOL! This week I lost .8 pounds. Brings my total to 87.2. AWESOME! I'm almost at my highest weight loss that I was at a few weeks ago before all the crazy gain loss gain loss thing. But no more of that! A friend of mine was like you're 12.8 pounds away from 100. I was like WHAT!?!?! Oh my gosh! Its kind of a surreal feeling. Something switched on in my brain and I'm like in kick ass mode!! Its wild! I haven't felt this motived in a LONG time!!! I'm so pumped for next weigh in. I can't WAIT!!!
Well finally got my shit together and I did a full week of writing EVERYTHING down the good, the bad, and the UGLY! I found out those stupid milkshakes from Chick-fil-A...18 points!!! WHAT?!?!?! CRAZY!!!!!!!!! Screw that!!! LOL! I don't need a milkshake that bad for 18 points!! UGH! I fell out! LOL!
I'm so telling on myself now! LOL! But I had pretty much a pitcher of margarita by myself last Friday and well needless to say I was feeling pretty good!!! LOL! But to counteract that...E and I walked...more like stumbled to get to the tattoo shop! LOL! It was GREAT! But lucky our DD came and picked us up before we got to far!! LOL! And I remember everything perfectly...I knew I wanted to get another star tattoo and thankfully Jimmy did it! So...yeah that was my week of the good, the bad, and the ugly!! *shivers* Oh snap! I just realized I'm the point nazi again...YES!!!! Well on that note...I'm peacing out!! Love y'all mean it!
May 13, 2008
Okay I did NOT weigh in tonight!! I don't want to see what would have happened!!! Scary!!! I had a kick ass weekend though and it would have been well worth the gain but I didn't want to see another gain!! Yeah yeah yeah!! Bite me! Plus I ended up working late...cause Lord knows I really need the money!! So a new week is upon us and I'm back to square one!! Point NAZI!!! :) Well I'm gunning for that 90 pounds next Tuesday! Mark my words!!!
May 20, 2008
Well I didn't make my 90...I missed it by .4 pounds!! LOL! Of course!!! So I lost 2.4 pounds for a total of 89.6! Yay!!! Go me! Well I'm honestly to tired to write anything down. Work has picked up like CRAZY!!!! So I'm getting my exercise in! But I really to need to pick that up again! I just been way lazy. You know when you haven't exercised in awhile you can start to feel it...well thats how I'm starting to get!! LOL! Oh no!! So I'm back to writing my crap down and becoming the exercise goddess I once was!! :) And well that being said I am 10.4 away from 100 pounds!! HOLY CRAP!! How crazy is that?!?! How awesome is that?!?! Well until next week!!
May 27, 2008
So I lost 3 pounds for a total of 92.6!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Does a happy dance!!!!!!!!!!* Wow!!! I don't even know what to write I'm soooooooooo freakin excited!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!! Wow...I'm like in awe. Its wild. So I'm not going to write much because I'm so freakin excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On to June 2008 see y'all then! <3 LJ (I think that going to be my tag...whatcha think?...cheesy?...to hipster?) :)

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