Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to the Beginning

So here I am to catch all my faithful reader and new readers up on the whole weight loss kick off back in 2007. I'm just copying and pasting the orignal thoughts, so you'll feel as if you were there the first time. <3

April 17, 2007
Well this is going to be my blog I update you guys with my Weight Watchers. I had my first meeting tonight! It was soooo cool...except when I stepped on the scale. Needless to say I was rather shocked. I didn't think I weighed that much. So with that being said I'm not going to post my weight until I feel comfortable with y'all knowing it...and that maybe like NEVER!! lol Anyways I ran into a friend from high school there and so now I have a walking buddy...so she and I are going to walk...ALOT! I just hope my knee can stand up to it. So other than the weight shock...I'm good. I think this is going to really work. My mom and I went shopping for food afterwards and I had to shop like a skinny person! lol I'm walking around with my point finder and I'm figuring how many point certain foods had. lol It was funny. But I am doing the point system one...I don't have enough disipline for the core plan...yet. So with the point system one its basically about portion control...which I've obviously had a problem with. So now I'm not...I understand that its going to be hard but as Bethany the "outcome is going to be undescrible"...So I want that undescrible feeling! But I know I have a kick ass support system that will help me get through those tough parts!!! So I just want to thank y'all in advance!! :) With that being said I'll see y'all next next week...hopefully with some weight loss to post!! Peace and Much Love!
April 21, 2007
Okay soooo I couldn't wait a week to update you guys on whats been going on with this transformation!!! So here goes: I did my measurements and I was like dang...good thing I'm turning this around!! :) Anyways I've been exercising ever since Thursday with Jessica...thats cool! First day we walked a mile and a half in like 45 minutes. Then on Friday we went and walked the same mile and a half in 30 minutes. We were like cool! Hell yeah! Then today our normal walking place was CROWD and we like naaaaah so we found another place...which just so happen to have that timed exercise course we did in elementary school with Ms. Lyons...so we did that after we walked we did the excerise course and we were like damn this sucks!! Its kind of hard now!! lol But I think and hope we can go back in a month and try it again! Then after that we saw that the playground to the elementary school was open soooooo of course we went in a played!! Which turned out to be more exercise! Which is AWESOME!! Seeing how I'm being a slight exercise feind!!! So we climbed the slide and went down...tried to do the monkey bars and we were like oh no! Then we swung! But we started swinging then would jump out of the swing...then we would get back in a throw our legs around the chain like back in the day! hahaha it was soooo much fun! Then we heard the police sirens and we looked each other were like oh shit!! we're busted!! but we weren't! lol So all and all I've been finding out slowly at that I'm slightly athletic...I mean I got some stamina and I'm pretty flexible which helps with the stretching! Also I'm going to put out an exercise video!! lol :op Basically its going to be go to the nearest playground and run around on every single piece of equipement!! :) Although I've only been exercising for 3 days!! I feel great!!!! I guess its the combination of the RIGHT kinds of food and the excering. I think I've FINALLY figured it out!! lol As for the food part of it! I'm looooving it!! I had a chick-fil-a sandwich with a fruit cup for supper one night...and it was only 10 points. Then I realized I could have gotten the grill one but its all good!! So thats my progress up to this point. So I'll write alittle something on Tuesday with my weight loss!! :) Farewell!! Much Love
April 24, 2007
Y'all ready for this? Is the suspense killing you? Mind you I've only been on Weight Watchers one week and I lost FIVE pounds!!!! So I am five pounds lighter!! But I found out I have to EAT all 43 of my points. Thats a lot of points! So being the genuises that Jessica (my partner in crime) and I are we decided that we should be burn up these points at Golden Corral!! lol Now after everything is said and done I feel like crap!!! lol So now that I have to eat all 43 if my points I'm going to do it a little healtier. Although in my defense I did eat green beans, broccilli, and a salad. Which is pretty much 0-1 point. The thing is I had 22 points for supper to eat. Thats alot for one meal! But this is a life-style change...so I have to make mistakes I guess!! lol But nonetheless I lost FIVE pounds!!! YAY!!!!!!! I'm going walking tomorrow!!! Yeah!!!! Well Until next time!! Love and Peace!!
April 29, 2007
Okay so I have two more days until next Weight Watchers meeting and I'm excited! I love it!!! I'm also finding out that I love to exercise!!! I didn't walk or do anything Friday and I was just like blah!!! Feeling all icky and stuff, but I totally went out and powered walk Saturday for a mile with weights. Then today (Sunday) My mom needed to go get something from CVS and we walked instead of driving, then I went and walked with Jessica. So today I walked 4 miles!!!! I feel much better when I exercise its an AWESOME feeling!!! YAY!!! So I'll see you guys on Tuesday with some weight loss...hopefully!! :) Much Love!
May 1, 2007
Well can't believe its already May! Well I went to Weight Watchers and I lost 2.4 pounds this past week. I'm happy with considering I ate a double cheeseburger and meduim fries from McDonald of all places! lol But I still managed to lost weight. So that is a total of 7.4 pounds in 2 weeks!! Yay!! lol Also I think I'm losing inches. I FINALLY went down some points!! lol Its only one but its all good they will keep going down! Well thats all for now! Talk to y'all later!!! Much Love!
May 8, 2007
I'm into my third week of Weight Watchers and tonight I lost 3.4 for a grand total of 10.8 pounds!! I have lost TEN pounds!! Oh my goodness!!! I can't tell you how happy I am!!! I'm finally doing something for me...which is soooo cool!!! I love exercising!! My knee isn't hurting as much, I moved my basketball goal and got a new basketball (its glow in the dark!) just to get outside and do something! I loooove eating salads now. Its crazy cool!!! Also I am going to be joining Ladies Fitness next week. Because they have a kickboxing class I want to take but I also want to be able to just go and get on a running thing and do some cardio. So I think that will be a good thing for me! So until next Tuesday! I'm signing out!! Much Love!
May 15, 2007
Are y'all ready for this? On my fourth week of this crazy weight loss journey/life style change, I lost 6.2 pounds. Yes I said 6.2 pounds in a week! For a grand total of 17 in about a monthish. That with having Outback on Sunday and eating pizza Saturday/Friday. BUT I instead of the fries I usually get...I got veggies from Outback and their veggies are off the chain!!! I'm not going to lie. Then the pizza I would seriously eat six or seven slices. Yeah...for real. But I ate only 3. And I was full. I've noticed my stomach is getting smaller. I use to be able to eat a whole foot long sub but now I can only eat a half and I'm full. So yay for smaller potions (it'll be good on my wallet also!! lol) Now time for the inches I'm lost a grand total of 7 inches every where. 2 in my arms, 1 in my waist, 2 in my hips, and 2 from my right thigh. So the only real "issue" if there is one...is retraining my brain. Because my brain is like FOOD...MUST...EAT but my stomach is like Please I'm full. So I'm like stop it brain. So if there is anything I can do for that...someone let me know!!!!! Thanks But other than that I'm feeling AWESOME!!!!!! My pants are getting big on me, I can finally get my butt in to some old jeans that I love. Also and get ready for this. I went into Rue 21, a "regular" size store, and bought myself a shirt and it is a XL and I can get into it NOW. I bought it with the intention of fitting it into it later in the summer but I can wear it now!!!! YAY!!!!!! Now that is seriously worth it all!!! Well on that note...I'll report back next Tuesday!! :) Much Love!!!
May 22, 2007
Well its that time to report what I've lost. I swear Weight Watchers is the easiest program I've done to lose weight. And I've done EVERYTHING. But its cool to see this one working and Lord knows I'm eating. So its really cool!! Now on to the real reason you are here. This week I've lost a total of 5.4 pounds. For a grand total of...get this...22.4 pounds. I'm 22 pounds lighter!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! Dang!!! It blows my mind...I'm eating but still the weight is melting off. Its pretty rad!!!! Although I've been a little slack on the exercise...because of work (I know not a good excuse) but i'm still losing weight. Cool anwyays I got this thing called the Bender Ball for my soon to be abs. lol I just feel healthier. Its totally awesome!!!! I also went shopping this past weekend for clothes...I picked out a smaller size. Sweet!! I totally bought this HOT HOT HOT leopard print pencil skirt...that doesn't fit be just yet but it will that my motivation right now!!! lol So watch out boys!!! lol LMAO!! :) Later Days!!! Until next week!! Much Love!!
May 29, 2007
Well I am back from my meeting. I'm a little bummed that I didn't lose as much as I thought. I lost 1.6 for a total of 24. I was like what? I'm not going to lie I was pissed. But the meeting was talking about failure and stuff and not giving up. I was like interesting. So now I'm not pissed...I'm in kick ass mode. I'm going to lose alot more next week. It was my fault. I didn't track everything as percise as I was in previous weeks...for shame! I also got alittle slack this past weekend with the Iris Festival in town and I was helping with that. BUT I have made HUGE progress...I got a butterfly potato (which is basically a heart attack on a plate) and I only ate about a cup and a half...instead of the whole thing I would have eaten a couple monthes ago! So I am totally proud of myself there! lol And again I didn't exercise and my mom and I was were talking about that it was finally caught up to me! lol Dang! Well here is the recap. I am no longer pissed...I'm DETERMINED as all get out. I like the number on the scale dropping! lol Your right Bethany it is addictive! Dang I found my new drug...at least its not food like it use to be! Anyways I just don't want it to consume my life and that is what I was worried about last week. But forget that crap! Please if Weight Watchers makes me healthy and consumes alittle bit of my life then its well worth the outcome. I'm going to become an exercise nazi again and kick ass!!! Whoop Whoop!!! I just feel alot better and healthier!!! Plus I'm going to be even more of a babe then I already am! So watch out world...y'all aren't ready for this!!! lol So any tips again y'all want to give me...I would love them!! :) Again thanks y'all for all of the support I'm getting!!! I love y'all!! I really do!! :) Until next Tuesday!!! Peace and Love!!
June 5, 2007
DANG!! I can't believe it is June already!!! Well as y'all know its Tuesday and here is my weekly update. At tonight's meeting I lost 3.6 for a fabulous grand total of 27.6!!!!! OH MY FREAKIN GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have NO clue what to say. This thing has me rendered speechless. I'm totally loving the plan and everything. I went to the gym with a co-worker. Exercised my butt off...literally! lol My pants are getting huge on me! lol I love it!! :o) I can't believe I'm almost 30 pounds lighter! I have lost 27 pounds and I DO NOT want to ever find them again! lol Now I'm 7 pounds away from my first 10% target. This is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! Again thank y'all so much for the sweet words on the pictures! It honestly means alot. OH! And that babe-alious leopard print pencil skirt I got...I can zip it up now. A friend of mine thinks I'll be able to wear in public by July 4th!! We'll see!!! Well until next week!! Much Love!! Again seriously thanks for the really kind and sweet words!!!
June 12, 2007
So y'all know the routine by now! Guess what day it is?! TUESDAY!!!!! YAY!!! Anyways I am reporting that I lost 2.8 pounds for a awesomely cool totally of 30.4!!!! I'm 4 pounds away from my 10%!!!! I'm sooooooo wanting to get it before I go to New York in a week and a half!!!! But I'm ubersurprised that I lost weight this week!! I could not get full for the life of my this past week. I also was seriously craving a cheeseburger!! So I went to Wendy's and got a happy meal and was full for a bit but it would NOT go away!!! So I went for a walk saturday about about 2 miles (1.7 miles to be techincal) and then Sunday I walked 2 miles but during my walking I decided I wanted to run (mind you I have not ran for a VERY VERY long time!) but I ran for roughly a block and a half!!! I was like HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!! lol But I need a new sports bra if I'm going to do that again! I could have poked my eye out!!! lol Anyways I'm ready for next week ready to get my 10% keychain!!! I've worked my ass off for that thing! I'm going to get it!!! :) OH ITS MEASUREMENT TIME!! Altogether I have lost 15 inches everywhere...since the beginning!!! WOW!!! Mostly in my waist and thighs. Okay...cool!! So thats all!!! I'm just happy!! Its awesome!!! YAY for life changing things!!! I'm learning How Bad I Want To Be Healthy...oh and I want it BAD!!!!! Also I'm going to be joining a local gym in town after New York!!! Until Next Tuesday!!! Much Love! :)
June 19, 2007
Its Tuesday!!! Weighed in and lost 3.2 lbs!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! For a total of 33.6!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! My double chin is peacing out!!! :oP Also I didn't get my frist 10% I missed by .4 lbs!!! LOL!! Only me!! :) But its cool!!! Again I realized this weekend that I slack off on the weekends!!! I'm like hey its the weekend I can eat!! Ummm NO!!! lol Luckly I went the gym all weekend!!! So that helped ALOT!! I found out at my meeting tonight, that I can go to a meeting in New York so that is what my mom and I are going to do...if nothing else just to weigh in!!! But I'm getting my 10% next tuesday! I am sooo much happier!!! I feel GREAT!!! I looove eating healthy! And I'm at the point now where I can have taco bell and I don't feel bad!! LOL!! I get my stuff fresco!!! Less points!!! I looove it!! I love my life!!! :) People at church are starting to notice!! Everyone is being sooo sweet with VBS this week...I go in and ask the kitchen staff what is for supper and one is like loaded baked potatoes and fruit...I'm like cool...and she is like what fruit to you want! I was like STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!!!!!! lol! So she got me strawberries!! Awwwww So that is my update and I'm heading out to NY this Saturday soooo I doubt I'm going to update y'all next week y'all are just going to have to suffer for a couple weeks!! Can y'all handle it?! :) Well have a FABULOUS day!!! See y'all on the flipside!! Much Love!
July 3, 2007
Wow can't believe its already July!! Where is the summer going?! Well with that being said we all know its Tuesday and I went to the early weigh in to jump back on the band wagon. But next week and the weeks to follow I'm going to go to the my normal one!! With that being said this entry is going to be longer because I've had a few discoveries about myself and this amazing journey!! So for those who want to just get my results its 5.4 lbs. (remember I was weighing in for 2 weeks...but still completely happy!!!) So that brings my total to 39 pounds gone FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It just blows my mind because as I've said before I'm eating but this time its different! As we all know I'm a repeat yo-yo dieter. But this isn't a diet. Its so much more. Its awesome!! I have met MANY MANY awesome ladies through this journey and they are truly amazing. They each bring a different aspect to the table and we all encourage each other. Its really great!! I'm blessed to have found them!! And of course I love my posse!!! My core!! You guys have been such AWESOME cheerleaders!!!!!! Such amazing support!!! Thanks to each and everyone of y'all!! I'm blessed to have y'all cheering me on as well!!!! :) YAY!!!!
Now with all that being said I did something super super SUPER cool and what we call it on the WW board is a Non-Scale Victory or NSV. Yesterday I got this urge to clean and finish unpacking from NYC. So I cleaned my room and unpacked. I went about my business. Then I was like I'm going to throw away or give away all my bigger clothes. I have a bag ready for the Salvation Army and a trash bin full! LOL! I then came across my favorite FAVORITE pair of jeans that I've been yo-yoing out of for YEARS!!! I've been wearing them because they are my favorite and I can get some use out of them. But I was able to get them on and off without unbuttoning them. So I put them on and I was like I can get some more use out of these. Then something clicked inside and it said "HEY! RIP THOSE JEANS UP AND THROW THEM AWAY BECAUSE YOUR NOT GOING TO BE THIS SIZE EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was like, Um okay!! So I ripped them to shreds!!!!! You can't tell they were jeans pants at one time!! LOL!!! So with that out there and my new motivation I'm going to tell y'all my starting weight. When I first stepped on that scale at Weight Watchers almost 3 monthes ago I weighed 342.8 pounds. Yeah I was embrassed. But now that I've lost 39 pounds which brings my new weight to 303.8. And yeah I'm not going to be at the weight for long either. So laugh all you want, judge me all you want. I don't care. Because I'm NEVER NEVER and I repeat NEVER going to weigh that much again.
Also while I was on vacation I went shopping (shocker!) and I got a jean skirt (which I've been looking for) that happen to be 2 sizes smaller than what I started out!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! I'm soooooo pumped!! Also those jeans that I ripped up they were a size 28 and they were very VERY tight at the beginning of this year. I was probably really a size 30. Yeah but not anymore!! So much love and until we meet again!!!! Much Love!!!!
July 7, 2007
Yeah I know its not Tuesday...sorry to get y'all all excited!!! But I have a confession to make. I was in a really bad relationship for YEARS!!! They type that could have killed me. So I'm here today saying I ended that bad relationship with Fast Food last week. Someone on the WW board described Fast Food as a really bad boyfriend. "It isn't really what you want, you feel silly for asking for something "extra" and you're never satisfied or feel physically or mentally icky afterwards...yet we still go back." So I wrote a break up conversation with my now ex.
Honey, I think we are at a cross road in our relationship, which has alot of ups and downs. So I'm here to tell you that I don't want to see you anymore. You take all my money, you make my clothes fit weird. I HATE YOU! You make me feel empty and I'm tired of feeling empty. By the way I have found a new love Gym, he is just amazing!!! He makes me feel GREAT and happy! Unlike you! So don't utter my name anymore. You have no more control over me!!!! And more one thing. Its not me...its YOU!!!!!
So that is my break up conversation with Fast Food. YAY!!!! Okay lets be real, I know its impossible to stay away from fast food forever and I do get those cravings but I have a better control on it then I did before!!!! I'm making smarter and healthier choices. So one that note I'm going to bed. Peace!! Love ya...mean it!
July 10, 2007
Does everyone know what time it is? Thats right its TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And one more thing...I've been on this for 3 months now!! YAY!!! So for the update I lost 2.2 for a awesomely cool total of 41.2!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! As Megan said thats a bag of dog food!!! Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! Why was I carrying that around?!?! So my weight for this week is 301.6. I want to be under 300 before my birthday which is in about 3 weeks. So HOPEFULY I can do this...oh wait I WILL DO THAT!!!!!!!!!! I've almost lost 50 pounds!!!! And y'all and other people are noticing! I'm like what do you see?!?! LOL!! Its kind of exciting! I want to know what my face and body are going to look like when all the weight it gone! Its like the best present to myself ever!!!!!
I have another confession to make. I binged tonight!!! Since its that time of the month. I was craving SUGAR and SALT!!!!!!!!! So I went to see the ex-boyfriends McDonalds and Sonic. I really wanted that Cookie Dough Blast thing...it was fine but all the cookie dough was on top and I thought it would be mixed through-out the thing. Bummer but the fries now that was worth every 8 points!!!!!!!! But now I've eaten to much and I feel like I'm going to hurl!!!!
Oh and there will NOT be a post next week because I don't weigh in until the 24th!!! I'm alittle nervous 2 weeks without the ladies!!! HELP!!
July 17, 2007
Wonder if there is a limit on how much you can but on a blog! Lets find out!! LOL! So lets get to the real reason why you are here!
JUST KIDDING about there not being an update tonight!! HAHA! My bad! But my brilliant friend Amanda was like hey why don't you go to another meeting and I'm like OH! DUH!!! LOL!!! So that is what me and my mommy did!! We went to a meeting in Columbia and I'm sooo happy we did!!!!!!!!! Because I lost 2.2 pounds! For an super fabulous 43.4 pounds!!!!!!!! That are gone F-O-R-E-V-E-R! And even more cooler...as if this awesome blog can get cool...I am now at 299.4!!!!!!!!! I made it under 300 by my birthday! AND I'm only 7 away from 50 pounds gone!! WHOA!!!!!! Wow...I now want to lose those 7 pounds by my birthday! I have two weeks! Bring it on!!!! Chiseled Love Machine is ready for a kick ass brutal couple of weeks!! MUUUUHAHAHAHA!!! I'm sooo happy!!!
Also me and my mom went to Red Robin after the weigh in and I got myself an adult beverage, a burger, fries, and onion rings! And guess what! I was only able to eat 3 onion rings, half my burger and fries. But I drank my adult beverage! Now for those who still think this is a "diet". Tell me how I can eat all that and still lose weight? I'm on my soapbox deal with it...This is a LIFESTYLE change...a learning experience. So stop hatin!!! :) LOL!!!! Anyways after we ate my mom and I went to Lane Bryant and I got some SMALLER clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!! Yes! I got this really cute skirt, a blue top, and some grey bermudas...that look like capris on me! LOL! Until next Tuesday! Peace out and much love!!!!!!!
July 24, 2007
Yay Tuesday...I weighed in and lost 1.4 pounds. Total of 44.8. Not to happy but its a loss. Whatever. My leader said something very interesting that I'm thinking about. She said that we all are "fluffy" and once that fluff is gone the rest of the weight is going to be alittle harder to get off. So I have the outer fluff that is gone and came off pretty easy but now I'm getting down to the middle fluff and its going to be a bit harder to get off and then I'm going to hit the last little bit of fluff and I'm thinking that is going to be a bitch to get off. So basically I have 3 layers of fluff/fat and the first layer is gone, came off easier. Now I'm chipping into the middle fluff/fat and well its alot of it and its going to take longer. But I'm ready bring it on mofo!!!!!!!!! OH! I'm getting my iPod tomorrow!! Hopefully if stupid Wal-mart has it. But thats all and looks like I'm not going to get to the 50 lbs before my birthday which is fine. I'm 44 pounds lighter!!! HELL YEAH! So peace out and love to all.
July 31, 2007
WOW!!!!!!!!!! What a freakin crazy week!!! I give up on trying to figure out my body! Stupid body! With that being said I lost 3.4 for a total of 48.2 gone forever. All I can say is Happy Birthday to me...best birthday present I can give myself. :) Wow!! After all the crap I ate. I had a Wendys spicy chicken sandwich with fries and moose track ice cream and just a whole bunch of other crap! LOL! But I did swim alot this past weekend...I was house-sitting. Then I went back to the gym...hadn't been in awhile. But I did go for an hour and 20 minutes! Gosh I love my iPod! LOL! Anyways I'm finally getting the hang of this, I can eat wendy's and still lose weight BUT I just have to exercise MORE and not eat at wendy's everyday!!!! Duh! What a concept! :) I've also been dancing more. I've been getting into the show So You Think You Can Dance and I love the music...I found a iMix with all the songs up to this point! I'm stoked!!! And my knee hasn't been flaring up to much. Yay! So I'm totally going to pig out at Redbone tomorrow for my birthday dinner!! LOL! :) Well that is my update. Let's see if I can get the 50 pounds gone next week. I think I can...wait...I KNOW I can! :) Until we meet again!! :) Much love!

Anyways here is a taste I'll be posting over the next several blogs...I didn't realize it was soooo much!! :) <3 LJ

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