Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hi, My name is...

Hi, my name is Lydia Johnston now. A few things have changed since I've written a blog of some sort. I'm married...sorry boys off the market. :) I've married the most amazing and supportive man EVA! He is my best friend and now my hubby. He has helped my tap back into my love for writing, along with talking with Joselin over the summer between the weddings. I'm uberpassioniate again about my craft and I'm going to be writing more fequently and even weekly! Jump back! :)
Also I've gained all my weight back plus 18 extra pounds. I went to the doctor earlier this year, she and I decided to help kick off the weight loss again she would put me of phedormine. Which is an apperitate suppressate. And it worked with the help of the medicine and WW i lost about 20 lbs. But I can only use it for 6 months and plus I'm stubbon as all get out and I want to do it myself! :) So I'm here today with no crutch, just me and weight watchers. Again if thats whats works for you, who am I to judge. Its not my style. I know its all about hard work and dedication. But I will say it REALLY helped with stress eating months for the wedding. So benefit yes. Oh back on the doctors, I'm all healthy. Good numbers just overweight which I'm fixing.
So my weigh ins are on Wednesday morning in my house and underoos! :) lmao!
I just finally foudn my Wii going to hook up that up today.
so this is my update and I will begin to weight about my weeks tomorrow, wednesday 9/21/2011, so stay tune to the 218 lb pound elephant in the room!

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